Apr 18 2024

List of ITI Institute in Delhi - Government and Private

List of ITI Institute in Delhi - Government and Private

Delhi, the bustling capital of India, offers a multitude of options for vocational training through its esteemed ITI colleges. These institutes equip students with valuable skills and knowledge in various technical trades, opening doors to promising careers. Here's a glimpse into some prominent ITI colleges in Delhi:

Government ITI Colleges in Delhi

  • Government ITI Pusa: Renowned for its comprehensive programs in diverse fields like fitter, turner, welder, and electrician, this institute boasts well-equipped workshops and experienced faculty.
  • ITI Shahdara: This premier institute excels in providing quality training in trades like refrigeration and air conditioning, computer hardware maintenance, and fashion technology.
  • ITI Arab Ki Sarai: Nestled in the heart of Nizamuddin, this institute focuses on industry-relevant training in fields like welding, computer hardware, and fashion design.

Private ITI Colleges in Delhi

  • D N Lal Sharda Pvt. ITI: This renowned institute stands out for its vocational training and skill development opportunities in trades like electrician, mechanic, motor vehicle, and computer operator.
  • ACMT ITI College: Offering courses in trades like electrician, fitter, turner, and welder, this institute emphasizes practical exposure through industry collaborations and internships.
  • BPSD Education ITI: This institute provides comprehensive training in fields like computer hardware maintenance, electronics and communication, and refrigeration and air conditioning.

Choosing the Right ITI College:

  • Consider your interests and career aspirations: Choose a trade that aligns with your passions and desired career path.
  • Research and compare institutes: Explore factors like course availability, fees, placement assistance, and infrastructure before making a decision.
  • Check institute accreditation and affiliation: Ensure the institute is recognized by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) or the Directorate of Training and Employment (DTE).

This information serves as a starting point for your exploration of ITI colleges in Delhi. Remember to delve deeper into individual institutes based on your specific needs and goals.