Apr 18 2024

List of ITI Institute in Bokaro - Government and Private

List of ITI Institute in Bokaro - Government and Private

What is ITI?

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute, and it is a type of vocational training institution that provides technical education in various trades. These institutes aim to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for employment in specific industries. ITIs play a crucial role in enhancing the employability of individuals and meeting the demand for skilled workers in different sectors.

Here's a list of some ITI institutes in Bokaro

Government ITIs Institutes in Bokaro

  • Government ITI, Bokaro (Sector 4 - ITI More)
  • Government ITI, Chas (Near SBI ATM)
  • Government ITI, Balidih (Industrial Area)

Private ITIs Institutes in Bokaro

  • Aakash Ganga Pvt ITI (Jharia Road Chandan Kiyari)
  • Birsa Vikas ITI (Bye Pass Road, Chas)
  • Collegetak (Center Sector-4)
  • Cmce Private Iti (Chira Chas Bokaro Sector 3)
  • Gyanshila Pvt Iti (Road NH 23 Kamlapur Bahadurpur)
  • J P S Memorial Industrial Training Centre (Industrial Area Balidih)
  • Visions Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd (Bye Pass Road Chas Chas Bokaro)

Here's a brief introduction to ITI:

  1. Objective:

    • The primary objective of ITIs is to impart practical and technical skills to individuals, enabling them to work in a variety of trades and occupations.
  2. Courses Offered:

    • ITIs offer a diverse range of courses in trades such as electrician, fitter, machinist, plumber, welder, carpenter, computer operator, and many more. The courses are designed to provide hands-on training and theoretical knowledge.
  3. Duration of Courses:

    • The duration of ITI courses typically ranges from six months to two years, depending on the trade and the specific curriculum.
  4. Eligibility:

    • The eligibility criteria for ITI courses vary, but generally, candidates who have completed at least 8th or 10th grade are eligible. Some specialized courses may have additional requirements.
  5. Curriculum:

    • The curriculum of ITI courses is designed to meet industry standards and includes both practical training and classroom instruction. The emphasis is on developing practical skills that are directly applicable to the chosen trade.
  6. Certification:

    • Upon successful completion of the course, candidates are awarded a trade-specific certificate. This certification is recognized by industries and employers, providing evidence of the individual's proficiency in the chosen trade.
  7. Employment Opportunities:

    • ITI graduates are well-equipped to enter the workforce immediately after completing their courses. They find employment in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, electronics, automotive, and more.
  8. Further Education:

    • ITI graduates also have the option to pursue further education, such as diploma courses or lateral entry into engineering programs, based on the trade they specialized in during ITI.
  9. Government Initiatives:

    • ITIs are often supported by government initiatives to promote skill development and vocational training. These initiatives aim to address the skills gap and boost employment prospects.
  10. Industry Collaboration:

    • Many ITIs collaborate with industries to ensure that their curriculum is aligned with the current needs of the job market. This collaboration enhances the chances of successful employment for ITI graduates.