Lean Six Sigma – Process & Quality Improvement with waste reduction

Six Sigma is a big fish in corporate learning & development. Many Quality Improvement and Business development Professionals considers six sigma a big tool to improvise the process. Six Sigma is a big brand name in the corporate world.

The Story of Six Sigma began in USA, 1986 by Motorola to reduce defects in electronic manufacturing process. Today, Six Sigma is used as high level business performance methodology at all over the world, like manufacturing, production, hospitals, aviation, defense and etc.

Now days, Six Sigma called: 30 Years of Evolution

Basically Six Sigma had used by statisticians and engineers in the start of 1900s as a mark of unit for quality measurement and their variation. In 1980’s, few engineers including bill smith felt to measure the defect out of thousand is insufficient standard. Hence, they enhance the scale to parts per million; known as ‘defects per million’. Defects per Million approaches encourage to all major industry and domain to use of Six Sigma and low down their defect and fault rate till 3.4 defects in Per Million opportunities.

With the starting of 21 Century, Six Sigma had established himself as a quality standard for the industries. Few production companies, joined Six Sigma with Lean and developed a transformed version of Quality improvement in Production sector i.e. Lean Six Sigma.

Corporates, Consultants, Education Authorities and many big groups of world divided the Six Sigma into parts as per learning & experience capacity of individual.

Below are the Six Sigma Learning & Training Programs:

Six Sigma White Belt
Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Six Sigma Green Belt
Six Sigma Black Belt
Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Six Sigma Executives
Six Sigma Champion

As Six sigma is a methodology, there is no predefined course structure, outline, timeline, etc. defined by any governing body. Six Sigma is a habitual way of learning to reduce defects.

To Know, Which level of Six Sigma Training & Learning is suitable for you as per your experience? Kindly comment your contact details. We will guide you best.


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      I appreciate the inquiry on your Professional Interest to join Six Sigma Training Program.

      Reviewing your eligibility and qualification details We, Haworth Solutions Pvt. Ltd. hereby suggest you for a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification which has a duration of 10 days session which cost 13500 INR and the timings are flexible and based completely at your availibility from the work.

      For further information , kindly reach out on +919871474004.

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